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The Lava Shield is a 4 step process that gives your vehicle a finish like no other: 

Step 1: The LAVA Bath – A concentrated low pH foam detergent thoroughly covers your vehicle. 

Step 2: LAVA Shine: An extra strength Naturalizing foam finishes the cleaning process

Step 3: LAVA Seal: Hydropedal paint sealant is applied to give an extra layer of protection and create a showroom shine. 

Step 4: LAVA Cure: A sheet of cold water rinses your vehicle and secures the finish.

Simoniz Hot Wax & Shone applies Simoniz world famous Carnauba wax to the vehicle!


The Carnauba Wax gives the vehicle that hand-rubbed finish without the effort required of hand -waxing!


Regularly applying the Carnauba wax will help the vehicle stay cleaner longer, protect it from minor scratches and provide UV Protection.

Triple Foam Icon.png

Triple Foam blankets the car in a conditioning foam, breaking down debris and polishing the vehicle

Rain X Icon.png

Rain-X bonds to the surfaces of your vehicle to repel rain, sleet and snow.


Raindrops will fly off your windshield for crystal-clear visibility

Tire Shine Icon.png

A finishing solution applied to your tires to reveal a vibrant shine and has her tires looking like new. 

A gentle and rinse before drying that leaves your car free of water spots. 

Spot Free Rinse Icons.png

No more water spots with our gentle Spot Free Rinse 

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