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Shine Everyday.

 The Splash Unlimited Club is the BEST way to have your car shining everyday.

How to become a member? 

1. Choose your preferred wash package that best suits your needs from our exclusive collection of packages. You can sign-up for your membership on location or online. 

2. Pay your monthly fee which will be automatically renewed each month on the date you begin your membership. 

3. Get your car tagged! Show your receipt to one of our friendly Splash employees and they will give you your personalized vehicle identification tag. 

4. Your vehicle tag will be automatically recognized so that you can drive through everyday with ease. 

Join our



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Hot Wax and Shine monthly with outbackgr
rainx and shine monthly without  backgro
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How to purchase an Unlimited Pass?

Unlimited Passes can be purchased at the Splash Car Wash Pay Stations, Online and the Splash App. 

How can I update my credit card information? 

Credit Card information can be updated on our website by clicking the button at the top of the page "manage my pass."

You have a new windshield, can you get a new pass?

Absolutely! Please stop by Splash and tell an attendant and they will happy to give you a new tag. 

How to cancel your plan? 

.  Please visit the Splash location or message us on Facebook .

What is the Family Unlimited Plan? 

The Family Unlimited Plan allows for multiple cars toe charged as a group under one credit card once a month at a discounted rate.

How to purchase a Family Unlimited Plan? 

Family Unlimited Plans can only be purchased in the Splash Lobby and the cardholder, additional members and their car need to be present. 

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